Our Story

Black owned, managed and succeeding in 2021! I grew up in Inglewood CA., finances were tight, real tight. In my household, one parent worked. We were limited to spending on necessities. My only problem was, you guessed it! I loved pretty jewelry. I loved bright colors. I imagined wearing expensive looking, sparkly things. I'd be the person who would take broken jewelry bits or lost beads and reassemble them into even more expensive looking Bling.

Even now, my husband and I design affordable, versatile, and eye-catching jewelry. I love wearing my earrings because they have tons of sparkle. My rings and bracelets are durable; yet, unbelievably versatile with my outfits. People will take notice. You will get compliments. We know it's all about making impressions. Make a bold impression without saying a word.

Our products list includes earrings, rings, pendants, and more. All pieces are unique and wearable art created from Dichroic glass. Choose your favorite colors and designs. My aim is that these sparkling and sassy pieces of hand-crafted glass jewelry become part of your daily wardrobe.


Dichroic glass is a series of micro-layered metal oxides applied to glass. This process creates a transmitted color and a completely different reflected color. This causes an array of color to be displayed. The colors continue to shift depending on the angle of view. Due to the variation of firing processes, individual results can't be exactly predicted, so each piece of fused dichroic glass is unique. 


Glass Tiki Jewelry Collection pieces are 100% hand crafted providing unlimited and brilliant color possibilities. Lightweight and durable, Glass Tiki Jewelry Collection aims for a versatility that works with all different looks, lifestyles, ages, and skin tones.


Whether one wants a look of contemporary and casual, elegant and sophisticated, or sleek and sassy - Glass Tiki's has a fit for every person. I love wearing my own jewelry because it gives me the sparkle I need in my day.

This Glass Tiki Jewelry Collection was designed Just for YOU!